Icahn wins second Biogen board seat; Zeltia inks licensing deal; Renovo shares boosted by new Juvista data;

> You can make that two for two in Carl Icahn's renewed quest to gain seats on Biogen Idec's board. According to preliminary vote counts, Icahn associate Richard Mulligan will be joining Icahn ally Alexander J. Denner on the board. Biogen Idec's management has been fiercely resisting Icahn's efforts to split the company in two. Report

> Spain's Zeltia inked a licensing deal with Medimetriks Pharmaceuticals covering the use of Kahalalide F to treat skin diseases. Zeltia-which gets undisclosed milestones in the deal--has been developing the drug as a cancer therapy. Medimetriks is studying the drug as a treatment for psoriasis. Report

> Shares of the UK's Renovo were boosted by positive results from a 12-month analysis of data on the scar-reducing drug Juvista for varicose vein surgery. Story

> Millipore has officially opened a newly expanded biomanufacturing plant in Massachusetts. Story

> The FDA has accepted Morphotek's INDA for a new cancer therapy dubbed Morab-004, clearing the way to human clinical trials. Report

> MDRNA says it has reaped $10.5 million from a sale of 5.25 million shares at $2 per share. Report

> PPD confirmed that Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development has announced the completion of three additional Phase III studies using Priligy (dapoxetine) for the treatment of premature ejaculation. The new studies increase the number of subjects in the Priligy clinical dataset to more than 6,000 patients. Release

> DOR BioPharma has received protocol assistance feedback from the European Medicines Agency on the design of its Phase III trial evaluating its lead product orBec for acute gastrointestinal Graft-versus-Host Disease. Dor release

Pharma News

> With a new FDA administration in charge, will Americans get new-and-improved DTC ads? And if ads offer improved clarity for consumers, might drugmakers suffer? Report

> Biogen Idec probably hates to say it, but Carl was right. When the activist investor announced last week that he'd snared two seats on Biogen's board, the company came back with its own count, saying that Icahn did capture one seat--but maybe not the second. Today, though, the company officially welcomed two Icahn-backed directors. Report

> A Pennsylvania benefits fund is suing Merck and Schering Plough,  claiming that their advertising and delay of the Enhance results constitutes "deceptive practice." Report

> Lilly is balking at the West Virginia attorney general's $2B Zyprexa suit. Report

> Yet another psychiatrist has found his way into Sen. Charles Grassley's interrogation chamber. And this time, the doctor's employer moved quickly with a reprimand: Emory University disciplined Dr. Zachary Stowe, a prominent psychiatrist who was being paid by GlaxoSmithKline at the same time he was conducting federal research about the use of antidepressants in pregnant women. Report

Manufacturing News

> Nonprofit Rx-360 has launched, following an event in Washington last week. The anticounterfeiting consortium's mission is to "create and monitor a global quality system that meets the expectations of industry and regulators that assures patient safety by enhancing product quality and authenticity throughout the supply chain." Report

> Velesco Pharmaceutical Services, formed in 2007 by former Pfizer R&D colleagues in Michigan, has opened a manufacturing facility and office in Kalamazoo and moved its Ann Arbor labs to the Michigan Life Science and Innovation Center in Plymouth. Report

> The universal product code, or UPC--a common version of the bar code--turns 35 on the 26th of this month, the same month that Apple touts a barcode-reading capability in its iPhone and the New York Times reports on data bars, a follow-on technology capable of storing more data in a smaller space and more suited to the labeling of individual items. Report

> A €2.3 million ($3.2 million) program launched by Enterprise Ireland seeks methods to improve the production systems used in drug manufacturing. The aim of the program is to deliver more efficient, reliable and cheaper processes for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Report

And Finally... Danish researchers report that the little known cholesterol lipoprotein significantly increases the risk of a heart attack. And statins do not address that risk. Report

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