How to land a deal

With the financial markets still in disarray, getting the best partnering deal possible for a development program or cutting-edge technology is more important than ever. On October 27 at 2 p.m. EST, FierceBiotech will host a unique webinar focusing on the 'nuts and bolts' of the deal process, how to position your company for a partnership and what types of approaches resonate most with the dealmakers.

Millennium Takeda SVP Anna Protopapas, who led the planning and execution of over twenty strategic alliances that have brought two billion dollars in funding, downstream capabilities and assets, will offer a buyer's perspective on the latest trends. Jay Mohr and Geoff Meyerson from Locust Walk Partners will unveil a new industry survey examining specifically what pharma companies look for in a pact and how biotech companies can get the deal done. And I'll be on hand to coordinate their discussion and give readers the results of our own survey on developers' interest in forging new pacts along with their attitudes about deals and the pharma companies that are hungry to find bright new prospects.

Don't miss a valuable how-to session devoted to improving your biotech company's deal-making ability. The cost for the early-bird registration is $109. You can click here to sign up. - John Carroll, Editor