HemaTerra, Fenwal Collaborate to Develop Integrated Hospital Ordering and Inventory Management System for Blood

HemaTerra, Fenwal Collaborate to Develop Integrated Hospital Ordering and Inventory Management System for Blood

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HemaTerra Technologies, provider of end-to-end operational software products to blood centers, announced that it will work with Fenwal Inc. to develop a companion product to HemaConnect, the industry’s leading CRM. The new product, HemaSource, will be designed to fully integrate with HemaConnect to create a reliable and affordable end-to-end system from donor recruitment to order management.

Fenwal of Lake Zurich, Illinois, will provide technical and financial support to HemaTerra. Fenwal Chief Technology Officer William Cork has agreed to serve on the HemaTerra’s advisory board of directors.

HemaTerra’s products put more features and more power directly into the hands of blood centers, to lower their cost per unit collected. Leveraging today’s smartphone and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, HemaSource will provide inventory management, as well as integration into the leading CRM, HemaConnect.

“Blood and biologics collectors, as well as hospitals, want simple, end-to-end software products and data management solutions that integrate information from hospital demand to donor recruitment and transfusion,” said Todd Collins, president and chief executive officer of HemaTerra. “With the support and participation of industry leaders like Fenwal, we are well-positioned to develop solutions that bring choices back to the blood center supply chain.”

Fenwal is a global medical technology company with unique expertise in blood separation, collection, filtration, storage and transfusion. The company’s advanced apheresis instruments feature data-management software that integrate seamlessly, and inexpensively, with blood and plasma centers.

“Blood centers today must choose among multiple proprietary software solutions – each targeting a specific point along the blood supply chain. There is no comprehensive or simple solution.” Cork said. “Our vision is to change this by developing a solution that is easy to implement and connects the dots along this vital supply chain of care.”

HemaTerra Technologies emerged to solve a key market problem... . HemaTerra works exclusively with organizations that collect blood, platelets, plasma and other biologic products. Its technology helps blood centers affordably connect and retain donors, drive coordinators, hospitals and employees. HemaTerra provides creative end-to-end operational software systems that take advantage of technology environment.