GSK inks new rare disease drug development pact; ISTA wins FDA approval;

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> GlaxoSmithKline is priming the pump on a new rare disease drug development pact with Italy's Fondazione Telethon with a $14 million upfront. GSK, which has singled out rare diseases as one of its most important development initiatives, gets an exclusive license on a new gene therapy for "bubble babies" as well as additional gene therapies. The Italian research group also stands to gain milestones in the deal. Story

> The FDA has approved ISTA Pharmaceuticals' Bromday eye drops as a treatment for inflammation and pain following cataract surgery. Story

> Prosensa landed a £7.5 million milestone payment from GlaxoSmithKline on hitting a data milestone in its Phase IIa open label extension trial of GSK2402968. Prosensa release

> S*BIO announced that the European Commission has granted orphan drug designation to SB1518, its potent and orally active JAK2 inhibitor for the treatment of primary myelofibrosis. S*BIO release

> Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals inked an exclusive licensing deal with Charles River Laboratories International for lab rats. Report

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