Grow your network with FierceBiotech on LinkedIn

Starting today FierceBiotech offers readers a new way to grow their professional LinkedIn network.

Please take a moment to click here and join our group. Membership is free. Our primary goal is to help you make connections with other readers in the FierceBiotech community.

FierceBiotech editors and staff moderate the discussion board, and self-promotion is policed. Members have a platform to discuss and inform the news with Fierce staff and other readers. Earlier this week, Executive Editor Ryan McBride kicked off the annual hunt for the Fierce 15--check it out.

Our daily news dish was a one-way affair from editor to reader until 2009, when we incorporated Twitter into our news-gathering and publishing operations. Consequential as Twitter is to our journalistic endeavors, LinkedIn has far more active users in the biotechnology industry and remains the best platform for professional networking online. LinkedIn counts executives from all 2012 Fortune 500 companies as members, and according to them its corporate talent solutions are used by 88 of the Fortune 100.

Virtual will never replace in-person networking. Yet, virtual allows connected readers like yourself opportunities to meet like-minded professionals, growing your network at a higher rate with serendipitous online connections, giving you an edge. Take a moment to join FierceBiotech's LinkedIn group right now and let us know what you think. -- Arsalan Arif (email)