Greenphire Appoints Jim Murphy As CEO

Greenphire, the leading provider of payment technology for the clinical trials industry, today announced the appointment of Jim Murphy as CEO. The appointment marks Greenphire's continued evolution and growth as the leading technology and service provider for clinical trials payment solutions. The transition, which has been facilitated by Greenphire co-founder, Samuel Whitaker, will see Jim Murphy, who previously served as president and managing director of Almac Clinical Technologies, lead Greenphire in scaling global operations and further advancing the organization's market leading clinical trial payment technology solution suite.

"Since its founding in 2008, Greenphire's electronic clinical trial payment solutions have been used to support more clinical studies than all our competitors combined," commented Samuel Whitaker. "To continue our success, it is my view that a new skill set was needed in the CEO role, one that is deep in clinical technology experience and refined through past management of organizational growth. I have known Jim Murphy as a Greenphire supporter and friend for many years and I am delighted that he has accepted the role. I'm looking forward to working with Jim to further shape the clinical trial payment process of the future."

Commenting on his appointment, Jim Murphy said: "Greenphire has achieved incredible success and has been the driving force in transforming payments in clinical trials. I am honored to have the opportunity to impact this emerging space in clinical trials and look forward to working with the team to build on Greenphire's unrivaled solution strength, while reinforcing the great customer- and employee-focused dynamic that has already been established in the organization."

An industry veteran, Jim Murphy brings 18 years' experience in the clinical trials and eClinical space. Specializing in developing companies from the entrepreneurial phase to mature global enterprises, he led Almac Clinical Technologies through a decade of strong growth and profitability, and was instrumental in leading the establishment of the Almac Group's Asia Pacific business operations. He holds a bachelors degree in Biochemistry and a masters in Molecular Biology.

Keith Kerman, Operating Partner at The Riverside Company, the primary investor in Greenphire, commented, "Jim Murphy has a phenomenal track record in the industry and a customer-focused leadership style that fits well with Greenphire's culture. We are very excited to have Jim as the CEO of Greenphire."

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Greenphire is the industry's leading provider of clinical payment technology, designed to change the way research professionals work. We leverage our proprietary workflow automation and advanced web-based payment technologies to help our clients improve operational efficiency, access clinical financial analytics, reduce costs, mitigate regulatory risks, increase subject retention and compliance, and produce quantifiable results that improve clinical operations and strategic planning. Learn more at

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