GlySure Appoints Roger Moody as Chief Executive Officer

Abingdon, England – July 28, 2015 – GlySure Limited, a leader in continuous glucose monitoring for critical care patients, today announced the appointment of Roger Moody as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Moody, who has served as the Company's Chief Operating Officer since February 2015, brings extensive experience leading emerging healthcare and technology companies through the transition from development stage to rapidly growing commercial enterprise.
"GlySure is in a critical phase of growth, having just received CE mark for its continuous glucose monitor for critical care patients," said William Moffitt, Chairman of GlySure. "The Company is on the verge of demonstrating the value of this technology to the market and we are pleased to have Roger leading this opportunity."
The GlySure System is the world's first and only intravascular sensor that continuously monitors glucose levels for critical care patients. Numerous clinical studies over the past two decades have shown the medical and economic importance of maintaining effective control of blood sugar levels in critically ill patients. The GlySure System uniquely meets the needs of this market.
"GlySure is well positioned to be the leader in building this $5 billion market, and I am honored to be part of this opportunity as we enter the commercial growth phase of our business," said Moody. "The GlySure System is the product of years of research and development by a highly innovative team of engineers and scientists who have developed a product that addresses the market needs for continuous measurement and fits into the routine of bedside care in the ICU."

Mr. Moody has previously served in senior management roles at Nanosphere, Medsn (now Indegene) and other emerging healthcare and technology companies.

About GlySure:
GlySure is leading the way toward improved glycaemic control with the world's first CE-marked intravascular continuous glucose monitor (CGM). The Company is enabling critical care physicians to provide enhanced glycaemic control, which has been shown to improve patient outcomes, reduce risk to patients and reduce costs. The Company has demonstrated through ICU testing that its highly accurate GlySure System provides continuous glucose readings throughout the length of a patient's stay in the ICU. The worldwide market opportunity for the GlySure System is greater than $5 billion. For more information, visit

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