Genzyme to strengthen corporate governance; Vaccine development booming;

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> Genzyme announced today that it has taken steps to strengthen the role of its lead independent director, and appointed new leadership to head the board's audit committee. These actions, along with the recently announced changes to the senior executive incentive compensation plans, further strengthen the company's corporate governance. Genzyme release

> Despite manufacturer concerns about vaccine profitability in the past, new U-M research shows that the number of vaccines in development by manufacturers globally more than doubled to over 350 separate products from 1995 through 2008. Release

> Medicine Inc., a molecular diagnostic test maker, plans to sell up to $86.3 million in stock in an initial public offering, according to a regulatory filing Friday. Report

> Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Inc. plans on raising about $272.4 million through an initial public offering and said it will use the proceeds to develop a drug for irritable bowel syndrome. Story

> An experimental vaccine works against the newly spreading Chikungunya virus, at least in monkeys, and the approach may also work against other exotic viruses, U.S. government researchers reported on Thursday. Report

> Despite a billion-dollar biotech initiative, which remains his top pro-business accomplishment, Gov. Deval Patrick got the cold shoulder from life science executives yesterday. Story

> Eden Biodesign, a globally-integrated provider of biopharmaceutical services, and Watson Pharmaceuticals have announced the completion of the acquisition of Eden Biopharm Group Limited by Watson for approximately $15 million. Release

Pharma News:

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> Are drugmakers facing a big increase in U.S. taxes? It's certainly a possibility, as In Vivo points out. Report

> Seroquel legal costs could take a $1.2 billion bite out of AstraZeneca's bottom line, the Financial Times reports. Story

> Rating pharma reps for the market researcher SDI, cardiologists named Pfizer's sales reps No. 1, with Merck's as No. 2. Report

> Earlier this week, we mentioned the latest drugmaker-U.S. government settlement of marketing claims: Novartis' promise to pay an $185 million fine to wrap up a criminal investigation into its promotion of the epilepsy med Trileptal, and to plead guilty to violating the U.S. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.  Story

> Bristol-Myers Squibb is a buyer, not a seller. That's what CEO Jim Cornelius (photo) pledged during yesterday's earnings call. Report

And Finally... A ghostly "suicide" drug wafts into immune cells in joints, making the cells self-destruct and reducing rheumatoid arthritis in mice. Report