Genzyme shutters Oklahoma site; Reata touts PhIIb CKD data;

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> Genzyme's restructuring is costing 26 jobs in Oklahoma as it shutters a facility acquired with Novazyme back in 2001. Report

> Reata Pharmaceuticals and Abbott (ABT) announced that a Phase IIb study of bardoxolone methyl demonstrated that the drug may reduce the stage of chronic kidney disease and improve estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and other measures of kidney function in the majority of patients receiving the drug. Reata release

> Novartis strikes back. The company says it has no plans to cut thousands of jobs like its crosstown rival Roche does, despite recent press reports to the contrary. Report

> Pharma is on alert after suffering a record number of drug heists. Article

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> Convergence Pharmaceuticals and the CRO Selcia Limited have struck a drug discovery collaboration to identify and develop candidate molecules for chronic pain. Convergence release

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> Biota Holdings is considering how it can finance clinical trials of a long-acting flu drug, including possible M&A activity. Story

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And Finally... Anyone looking for reasons behind Big Pharma's march to China should look at projections for the rapid growth in the market for diabetes drugs. Datamonitor says the market will grow from $700 million in 2009 to $2 billion in 2019. Article

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