Genzyme releases more alemtuzumab results; Yale finds seven metastasizing melanoma biomarkers;

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> Genzyme announced additional results from its five-year Phase II multiple sclerosis trial for alemtuzumab. Almost two-thirds of the patients receiving the treatment did not show clinically-active signs of MS up to four years after receiving the therapy. Initial results from the study were released in 2008, with more follow-up in October 2010. Genzyme release | Article

> Seeking Alpha listed seven companies with potentially big Phase III results and FDA advisory panels approaching in the next few months. Report

> Researchers at the Yale Cancer Center and Yale School of Medicine have found seven biomarkers they believe will predict the risk of melanoma cases metastasizing. Story

> Using $55 million in grants, Susan G. Komen for the Cure plans to fund 80 cancer research programs at 56 U.S. institutions. The big winners include UCSF and Washington University in St. Louis, which will each receive $6.5 million in funding. Item

> According to a national report, Baltimore is one of the least expensive areas for biotech, beating out East Coast hubs like Philadelphia and Boston for the honor. Item

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> Merck to pay J&J $500M in Remicade settlement. Article

> Musty odor touches off another J&J recall. Report

> Merck chief's pay rose more than 50% to $24.6M. Article

And Finally... It's all in the mind. Researchers at the University of Nottingham found that 85 percent of arthritis pain sufferers were able to diminish their discomfort by believing that the pain-causing portion of their hands were being stretched or shrunk. Story