Flexible Options Allow Greater Access to Chemical Nomenclature Tools

Making chemical nomenclature software available to all chemists enables greater efficiency and boosts the overall quality of naming in the corporate and public domain.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) September 27, 2007 -- The developer of ACD/Name -- nomenclature software renown for its quality, versatility, and breadth of covered chemical classes and nomenclature conventions -- now offers corporate package deployments to make it more affordable for scientists and chemists.

Obtaining the correct, unambiguous name for a chemical structure can be difficult and time consuming. A recent study (Molecules, 2006, 11 (http://www.acdlabs.com/publish/publ06/quality_names.html?id=0709prPRWna)), concluded that many publications involving complex structures suffer from ambiguity and low naming quality. The study found that one quarter of all manually assigned names were deemed "unacceptable and thus useless" when compared to software generated chemical names. The study went further, in comparing the results generated by three different commercially available nomenclature packages. The final result was that Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.'s, (ACD/Labs') ACD/Name produced the best quality names, providing the greatest percentage of unambiguous results.

ACD/Name (http://www.acdlabs.com/products/name_lab/name?id=0709prPRWna) has long been the domain of nomenclature specialists and patent departments. However, over the years, forward-looking companies with extensive chemical R&D have equipped their scientists with easy access to this software delivered to them via the company's intranet, corporate databases, or desktop software deployments.

"By introducing the ACD/Labs Nomenclature corporate package, we are giving companies a cost-effective way to provide top quality tools to more chemists, taking away the tedious task of chemical naming and name-to-structure conversion, and freeing up their time for innovation and research," says Daria Thorp, ACD/Labs' Director of Marketing Communications. "Chemists have the opportunity to manually inspect the results produced by computer, and work with the company's nomenclature specialists who set up uniform naming rules and processes."

Available since 1994, ACD/Name is unique amongst other applications in that it generates chemical names for structures according to IUPAC, IUBMB, and CAS standards, and offers interactive links to the relevant text of IUPAC recommendations used, permitting critical reviews and deep understanding of the underlying systematic naming rules. ACD/Name also provides multilingual support for IUPAC names in German and French, Name-to-Structure conversion, generation of InChI labels, and other advanced options.

More about this product and the ACD/Labs new corporate package can be found at acdlabs.com/nomenclature (http://www.acdlabs.com/solutions/nomenclature.html?id=0709prPRWna)