FivePrime waves bye to CEO; Allos moves into PhIII with lymphoma drug;

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> FivePrime Therapeutics' CEO, Julia Gregory, has resigned from her post and company founder Lewis Williams is now listed as the firm's chief executive. In Vivo report

> The Irish Times reports a study that found that private-sector biotech spin-offs "outperform" their counterparts from universities. Article

> Allos Therpeutics ($ALTH) reports that it has begun a Phase III trial of Folotyn for patients with certain cases of peripheral T-cell lymphoma. Item

> Apricus Biosciences says ($APRI) says that the FDA has cleared its subsidiary's over-the-counter anti-fungal drug, Tolnaftate-D. Apricus release

> With plans to fund its clinical-stage compounds, Furiex Pharmaceuticals ($FURX) has garnered a loan deal from MidCap Financial and Silicon Valley Bank that enables the firm to get up to $15 million. Announcement

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> Paladin CEO in hospital after cycling accident. Article

> Japan asks Boehringer to warn docs on Pradaxa. Report

> Drugmakers take a hit on Greek bonds. News

> Vertex's Incivek could top $1B this year, analyst says. Item

And Finally... One in 5 people seeking bankruptcy protection blames medical bills. Report