FierceBiotech Radio at the Battle of the Biotech Bands

Momenta band Aural Gavage

What's a surefire way to build interdisciplinary communication and teamwork at a biotech company? Start a band, according to Momenta Pharmaceuticals ($MNTA) CFO Rick Shea.

And he would know. Along with a host of biotechs in the area, Momenta has a house band, dubbed Aural Gavage. And it's been facing off against competing groups for the past few years as part of the Battle of the Biotech Bands, most recently going head-to-head with Ironwood Pharmaceuticals' ($IRWD) Zac Mac Band and PerkinElmer's ($PKI) Molecular Groove.

For Momenta, the ensemble and its many fans have generated "a lot of conversation" at all levels of the company and helped to give the company an identity, Shea told FierceBiotech Radio. And the Battle--an annual charity event in its third year--has taken that conversation one step further, bringing together various life sciences players from around the area.

Ironwood's Jeff Bates of Zac Mac Band

The event "brings in companies that do research services, health and safety services, real estate, law, accounting, financial data management … they're all very much involved in the biotech community," Shea said. "That's part of the ecosystem here that companies want to be part of."

Naturally, FierceBiotech Radio wanted to get in on the action, too, so we shipped up to Boston to bring you an episode from the road. You can download it on iTunes or Stitcher, or listen below--and be sure to subscribe. Let us know what you think by dropping a line to [email protected]