FierceBiotech presents a half-day executive summit in London

Over the last two years, the funding environment for biotech has changed dramatically. New funds have been popping up. Crossover investors have been piling in to take part in the great wave of biotech IPOs that have rolled through. And startups with the right technology and teams are finding it possible to land ambitious A rounds while aiming for the clinic.

That's not an exclusively American phenomenon.

In the U.K., new investors are mingling with some canny veterans among the venture crowd, and even while some of the big names in biotech are looking to Nasdaq as a big new source of capital, a few American biotechs have been going to the London Stock Exchange.

So what's it all mean for the developing biotech scene in the U.K.?

I'll be sitting down with some of the experts to discuss current trends, technologies and where the latest developments in the industry are taking us. There will be a detailed, real-world review of current biotech financing numbers in the U.K. In addition, I'll also be exploring collaborative trial design, seeing how new technologies and clinical strategies are changing the way drugs are developed in an age of biotech/pharma partnerships, and the faster speed that therapeutics can get through the clinic.

Join me on October 12 for our special half-day biotech conference, in partnership with One Nucleus and OBN. There will be plenty of time for networking and I'll be there throughout, taking your questions as we explore new technologies and new money. Drop me a line if you have a query.

You can see the full agenda here. Drop me a line if you have a query or comment. -- John Carroll, editor-in-chief. [email protected]