The Fierce 15

It's fairly rare for our website to crash under the weight of online traffic, but we managed to get the job done with last week's Fierce 15. I would prefer, of course, that we could just take anything that gets thrown at us, and we're in the process of a serious online upgrade of the FierceBiotech site. That means a new look as well as more capacity for traffic. My apologies to anyone who's been trying to get on and has found the system either slow or inaccessible. The traffic has been easing up recently, but it's still going strong. So, if you haven't had a chance to read the special report on this year's selection of up-and-coming companies, I'm hoping you'll take the opportunity to look it over this week. One reason why you shouldn't miss it can be seen in our lead news story on Archemix--one of this year's Fierce 15. This group of companies is bound to generate more news later in the year, and you can get an advance peek in these profiles. Meanwhile, I'll keep you posted on the site upgrades. - John Carroll