FDA staff supports Gilead's Truvada as preventive med; J&J seeks growth for Xarelto;

 @FierceBiotech: Third Rock's Levin calls for teamwork in personalized medicine by @DamianFierce. Report | Follow @FierceBiotech

 @RyanMFierce: GSK's pursuit of HGSI has gone hostile as Glaxo goes directly to HGS investors with $2.6B tender offer. News | Follow @RyanMFierce

> FDA staff reviewed Gilead's ($GILD) Truvada, supporting the safety and efficacy of the HIV med as a preventive treatment for people at risk of contracting the virus. Item

> Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) wants to get approval for its blockbuster contender Xarelto to prevent blood clots from forming in patients with heart stents. Article

> India's drug regulator and pharma outfits have been in cahoots, a study finds, highlighting concerns about lenient oversight of meds in India. Report

Pharma News

 @FiercePharma: New DSM won't make grief an illness. Panel also cuts two proposed diagnoses of psychosis and anxiety/depression--NYT. Article | Follow @FiercePharma

> Lipitor copy powers a surge in Ranbaxy sales, profits. Report

> Advisory panels take up Gilead's Truvada, then Quad. More

> Senate probes ties among narcoticsmakers, pain organizations. Story

@FierceMedDev: Covidien bought Maya Medical, the maker of a renal denervation treatment, and barely acknowledged it. Item | Follow @FierceMedDev

> Hygieia releases study results for its new hand-held insulin device. Article

> St. Jude armed with FDA approval for Ellipse ICD. Report

> Given Imaging revenue jumps overall, due to Americas PillCam sales. More

> Covidien grabs Maya Medical for $60M-plus. Item

Drug Delivery News

 @DamianFierce: The coming onslaught of blockbuster knockoffs could be a huge opportunity for drug delivery firms. News | Follow @DamianFierce

> Charge-changing nanoparticles can help kill resistant bacteria. More

> pSivida gets U.K. nod for behind-the-eye treatment. Article

> Echo's trandsdermal tech gets positive results, TV time. News

> Patent cliff could create need for novel delivery tech. Item

> MonoSol, Midatech tout positive Phase I for insulin film. Story

Biomarkers News

> Targeted therapies need cost-effective biomarkers. More

> DNA changes could predict prostate cancer relapse. Article

> 15-minute test could tag Alzheimer's. Story

> Biosignatures fingerprint tuberculosis and sarcoidosis. Story

And Finally… Details are revealed about the science involved in the diet that keeps pop idol Madonna looking young at 53. Report

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