FDA designee Califf defends his pharma ties; Samsung's Enbrel biosim up for EU nod;

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> Robert Califf, President Barack Obama's nominee to lead the FDA, defended his ties to the pharma industry in a Senate confirmation hearing. Califf previously ran Duke University's in-house CRO and has worked on many studies funded by drugmakers. News

> European regulators are considering whether to approve an Enbrel biosimilar from Samsung Bioepis, potentially altering the market for rheumatoid arthritis injections on the continent. Item

Pharma News

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> Advera Health: Novartis, GSK asthma meds linked to more side effects than Merck drugs. Report

> U.K. cost gatekeeper says 'no' to Amgen's PCSK9 cholesterol fighter Repatha. Story

> Cancer, hep C and other specialty meds to drive global drug market to $1.4T by 2020. Article

Medical Device News

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> Medtronic buys Aircraft Medical for $110M in bid to cut respiratory failure from unsuccessful intubation. Report

> FDA flags underactive thryoid cases in babies receiving iodine-containing contrast agents. Article

> CMS to penalize underperforming hospitals when it comes to hip and knee replacement. Story

Biotech Research News

> Generic alcoholism drug used to flush dormant HIV. Report

> UCSD team targeting new stress pathway in Alzheimer's program. More

> CRISPR/Cas9 2.0: Research team offers an upgrade to gene editing tech. Story

> Bone microenvironment offers new approach on prostate cancer. Item

> GC-1 drug shifts bad 'white' fat into good, calorie-burning 'brown' fat in mice. Article

Vaccines News

> Scripps scientists ID weakness-attacking antibodies in pursuit of HIV vaccine. More

> FDA panel to examine 'maternal vaccines' to protect infants. Report

> Researchers tout vaccine's potential to lower cholesterol. Story

> GlaxoSmithKline Ebola vaccine shows safety in PhI. Article

> WHO meeting could change strain selection for flu vaccines. Item

Pharma Marketing News

> Just say no to drugs (advertising): AMA votes to ban DTC ads. More

> AbbVie's Humira repeats, joined by BMS' Opdivo in leading TV spending for October. Report

> Pay attention, pharma marketers: Men are checking out your brand marketing. Article

> Amgen's Repatha gets a thumbs-down from U.K. cost-effectiveness watchdogs. Item

> Discounts not enough to sway U.K. gatekeeper to back Roche's Kadcyla. Story