FDA broadens Botox use; Four contractors team for drug development;

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> Four contractors team for drug development. Article

> The FDA has approved Allergan's anti-wrinkle drug Botox for the treatment of increased muscle stiffness in the elbow, wrist and fingers in adults with upper limb spasticity. Allergan release

> Affymax has received a $5 million development milestone payment from Takeda under the companies' deal for Hematide, Affymax's investigational drug for the treatment of anemia in chronic renal failure patients. Initiation of Phase III trials in Japan triggered the payment. Affymax release

> Swiss drugmaker Novartis announced a $5 billion bond issue to finance its purchase of eye-care company Alcon. Report

And Finally... Researchers have found that papaya had a dramatic anticancer effect against a broad range of lab-grown tumors, including cancers of the cervix, breast, liver, lung and pancreas. Report