FDA approves Anesiva's needle-free pain drug

The FDA has given Anesiva a nod for Zingo, a single-use, needle-free system containing sterile lidocaine powder. Zingo provides rapid relief for pain associated with venous access procedures, such as intravenous insertions or the drawing of blood for tests. "Blood draws and IV insertions are the most frequently reported painful events in hospitalized children. Despite guidelines recommending the use of topical anesthetics prior to venous access procedures, currently available local anesthetics commonly take 20 minutes or longer to act, making their use in today's fast-paced hospital environment difficult. FDA approval of Zingo provides a unique option for healthcare providers who strive to safely and effectively manage children's pain during these procedures," said John P. McLaughlin, CEO of Anesiva.

Anesiva says that its needle-free delivery system may have broader applications, such as administration of insulin, human growth hormone, erythropoietin, calcitonin and other medications, excluding vaccines. Anesiva says it is open to licensing deals for the needle-free tech.

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