EUSA Pharma spins off assets as it narrows focus

The transatlantic EUSA Pharma has spun off its monoclonal antibody research operation along with a development program for leukemia as it narrows its focus to late-stage drug development and marketing. France's International Drug Development snared the antibody operation while the Alize Pharma Group snagged the recombinant L-asparaginase therapeutic research program for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. EUSA's antibody research business is based in Dardilly, France, and includes a library of approximately 600 murine antibodies.

Bryan Morton, chief executive of EUSA Pharma said: "As we continue to rapidly build our business around our commercial infrastructure in the US and Europe, we are creating the opportunity to compete effectively with major players as an attractive partner for companies seeking specialist transatlantic commercialization and late-stage development expertise in the oncology, pain control and critical care areas."

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