EuroBiotech: More Articles of Note


> LSP closed its new life science fund at $280 million (€250 million). The total, which is far more than the $170 million LSP set out to raise, gives the Dutch VC shop a sizable war chest to invest in European biotechs. “The basis of this fundraising success is reflective of our strong financial performance as well as meeting the challenges of life sciences investing,” LSP Managing Partner René Kuijten said in a statement. “This has been recognized by not only large and loyal institutional investors, but also by strategic partners like the pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY). Release

> Abivax (EPA:ABVX) enrolled the first patient in a Phase IIa trial of its HIV/AIDS drug ABX464. The drug, a small molecule designed to inhibit HIV replication, will be given to 21 patients in addition to their current treatment regimen. A further 7 participants will receive a placebo. After 28 days Abivax will stop administering the experimental treatment and placebo and monitor how long it takes for the HIV virus to reappear in the blood of participants in both arms of the study. If ABX464 is associated with a delay in the reappearance of HIV, Abivax plans to advance the drug into pivotal trials early next year. Release

> Santhera Pharmaceuticals (SWX:SANN) filed for approval of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) drug Raxone in Europe in a new indication. The submission covers DMD patients with respiratory function decline who are not taking concomitant glucocorticoids. Santhera has based the filing on data from Phase II and III trials of Raxone, in which it linked the drug to a slower rate of respiratory function loss than was achieved by a placebo. The Swiss biotech thinks 40% of DMD patients aged 10 years and over are part of the new indication it is pursuing. Release

> GeNeuro (EPA:GNRO) dosed the first participants in its Phase IIb multiple sclerosis trial. The study is set to enroll 260 patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis and give them either GNbAC1, a monoclonal antibody designed to neutralize a protein associated with inflammation and neurodegeneration in the disease, or a placebo. GeNeuro expects to have data from the trial, which is being funded through its collaboration with Servier, by the fourth quarter of next year. Release

> NeuroSearch (CPH:NEUR), a Danish biotech that was torpedoed by stock manipulation allegations, finally struck a deal to offload its two remaining drug assets, ACR325 and ACR343. The drugs, both of which have been through Phase I, are related to Huntexil, the Huntington's disease drug at the heart of the stock manipulation case. Teva ($TEVA) picked up Huntexil in 2012. Now, Saniona has stepped in to take responsibility for ACR325 and ACR343. In return, Saniona has agreed to give NeuroSearch 20% of any milestones or royalties it generates in relation to the two drugs. Release

> Lipidor formed a Phase III trial pact with Cadila Pharmaceuticals. Under the terms of the deal, Cadila will run a Phase III trial of a psoriasis treatment that uses Lipidor’s drug delivery technology. Lipidor, a Karolinska Development (STO:KDEV) portfolio company, has designed the technology to enable topical delivery of drugs. In the case of the Cadila collaboration, the technology is being paired with the generic vitamin D analogue calcipotriol. Release