EuroBiotech: More Articles of Note


> GammaDelta Therapeutics created a spinout company, Adaptate Biotherapeutics. The spinout will develop antibodies to modulate the activity of gamma delta T cells. Release 

> Amarna Therapeutics raised €10 million ($11 million) to move its SV40-based gene delivery vector platform toward human testing. The Dutch biotech expects to be in the clinic within three years. Statement 

> The city of Amsterdam put out a tender for the development of a medicines business park. The move is intended to build on the relocation of the European Medicines Agency to the city. Release

> Sotio obtained an option to license MaveriX Oncology’s solid tumor drug MVX-5005. The majority owner of Sotio, PPF Group, invested $6.5 million in MaveriX. Statement 

> ISA Pharmaceuticals received a €20 million loan from the European Investment Bank. The loan will fund development of a treatment for HPV16-positive cancers. Release  

> The FDA granted organ drug designation to Minoryx Therapeutics’ leriglitazone in Friedreich’s ataxia. Statement