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> Oculis extended its series B by CHF 15.5 million ($15.8 million), bringing the total size of the round up to CHF 35.5 million. The Swiss ophthalmic drug specialist unveiled the extension alongside news that it has licensed an anti-TNF alpha antibody from Novartis. Statement | More

> Germany’s Immunic is set to land on Nasdaq through a merger with Vital Therapies. The combined company will take Immunic’s name and advance its existing pipeline of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease drugs using a €26 million ($30 million) commitment from an investor syndicate. Release 

> Celgene helped AI drug discovery shop Exscientia to a $26 million series B round. Exscientia shared the news alongside details of a deal with Roche that is worth up to CHF 67 million. Statement | More


Webinar: Optimizing Oncology Trials with a ctDNA Test Custom-Built for MRD and Molecular Monitoring

Join this webinar to discover the advantages of using Signatera™ (RUO), a novel assay custom-designed for each patient that detects circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) with high sensitivity and specificity to monitor molecular residual disease, early recurrence, and treatment response across solid tumors.

> Nanobiotix teamed up with the MD Anderson Cancer Center to develop anticancer drug NBTXR3. MD Anderson will initiate nine phase 1/2 trials of the drug in return for up to $12 million. Release 

> Hvivo claimed success in a phase 2b flu trial after using a different assay to assess samples for the primary endpoint. The initial analysis found that the trial missed its primary endpoint, only for the other, more sensitive assay to reveal the opposite. Statement 

> Galapagos secured the global rights to a treatment for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis that is in development at Fibrocor Therapeutics. Release 

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