EuroBiotech: More Articles of Note

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> Motif Bio (LON:MTFB) set the terms for its Nasdaq IPO. The antibiotic drug developer is looking to raise $35 million (€32 million) by shifting 2.8 million shares for $12.42 a pop. Insiders have signed up to buy $9 million worth of the stock. The size of the offering matches the expectations outlined when Motif Bio first revealed its intent to list on Nasdaq earlier this month. Article

> Artes Biotechnology teamed up with Burnet Institute to develop a hepatitis C vaccine. The alliance pairs a Burnet technology designed to generate antibodies capable of blocking the replication of the hepatitis C virus with Artes’ vaccine platform. Artes and its collaborator think this combination can redirect the immune system to counteract the tendency for the virus to evade its attentions. Release

> GamaMabs Pharma began a Phase I trial of its anti-Müllerian human receptor II antibody in people with gynecological cancers. The study, which has dosed its first patient, is in a dose-escalation phase. Once this is complete, something GamaMabs expects to happen next year, the study will advance to its second stage, in which two expansion cohorts will receive the experimental drug. Release

> Manchester Science Partnerships committed £60 million ($79 million) to the expansion of Citylabs, an initiative that provides space to biomedical startups. The plan is for Citylabs to provide 85,000 square feet of lab and office space to startups in Manchester, U.K. That building is expected to be completed in two years. Around the time that Citylabs 2.0 is completed, work will start on Citylabs 3.0, a 100,000-square-foot development. Release

> Prokarium secured funding from the U.K. and Mexican governments to develop vaccines against Zika, bacterial diarrhea and plague. The £2 million ($2.6 million) contracts will support work on the three vaccines, the most advanced of which, the plague candidate, is due to enter the clinic early next year. Release

> NIH started a Phase I trial of Bavarian Nordic’s (CPH:BAVA) yellow fever vaccine. The study will enroll 90 healthy volunteers and randomize them to receive an existing yellow fever vaccine or a regimen based on Bavarian Nordic’s experimental candidate. Some participants will receive Bavarian Nordic’s vaccine with ISA 720, an adjuvant that boosted the immune responses seen in preclinical testing. Release