Emisphere chief sees plenty of new potential for technology

When Michael Novinski took over as CEO of Emisphere Technologies, he was acutely aware of just how unsuccessful the developer had been. For 20 years, he tells the Star-Ledger, Emisphere was never able to get a single mid-stage trial right. Efforts to develop pill versions of insulin and heparin foundered as ithe company struggled. But the former president of Organon BioSciences says the company has a lot of untapped potential. A co-development deal for a pill version of Novartis' osteoarthritis and osteoporosis therapies has been struck and Novinski believes FDA approval could be only a year or two away. Novinski also believes that more such deals involving Emisphere's eli gen technology can be struck. Meanwhile, researchers for Emisphere are on the trail of a pill for diabetes.

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