Emerging Drug Developer: Synosia Therapeutics

Synosia Therapeutics

Back in 2005, Synosia Therapeutics was little more than a gleam in a venture capitalist's eye.

Bradley Bolzon, an experienced biotech player and an accomplished dealmaker with Roche, had gone on to become a partner at Versant Ventures. Several years ago he reached out to an old colleague from Roche days, Ian Massey, a 30-year biotech veteran and the senior vice president of research and preclinical development for Roche Palo Alto. An A1 round of $2.5 million to prime the pump was swiftly followed by an A2 round of $30 million. And today, Synosia has a portfolio of six clinical-stage therapeutics, four of which are either already in a mid-stage trial or ready to begin one. Article

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