Emerging Drug Developer: Sonexa Therapeutics

Emerging Drug Developer: Sonexa Therapeutics

Sonexa Therapeutics is just the latest biotech start-up that Eckard Weber has added to his entrepreneurial resume as a partner at Domain Associates. The biotech expert isn't saying much, but he's got great expectations for an early-stage drug Sonexa has in-licensed for Alzheimer's. With $30 million and a few skilled hands in charge of the "semi-virtual" company, Weber believes that Sonexa has the potential to become another winner for Domain--following a business model that has been pursued by more than a dozen companies started under Weber's wing.  

"One of the things we do at Domain is that we look at therapeutic areas which we think are of a particular interest for potential investment and then we go out proactively to look for investment opportunities," Weber tells FierceBiotech. "That includes going out and looking for product opportunities all over the world. And if we find one, we buy or license the product and create a company around the product and make an investment." Article

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