Editor's Corner

Dr. Jeffrey Drazen's remarks this week that several of the big drug companies are "making a mockery" of efforts to make clinical trial results more transparent bear close scrutiny. The editor of the New England Journal of Medicine told the Los Angeles Times that he believes that the companies -- Pfizer, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline -- are providing "nonsense details" in their public reports in order to keep results obscure. It seems apparent that the strategy of many of the drug companies is to duck and weave their way around the current controversy over trial results until the hubbub dies down. Then they can go on their merry way, free to hide what they like and publish data that drives sales. Given the abysmal poll ratings of drug companies, they might want to reconsider their strategy. More misdirection from the biopharma giants may well cost the entire industry what little credibility it has left.

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