Editor's Corner

Over the past three years that I've been writing this report, I've had to repeatedly advise readers that we did not have an archive that could be searched for past articles. One day, I said, we'd get that done. Well, that day has finally arrived. If you need to get the full day's report or need to hunt up past articles, go to FierceBiotech.com. This new service, like the daily report, is completely free. Over the years, we've attracted 49,000+ subscribers to the daily memo on biotech. And based on our recent survey results, quite a few of you have come to rely on it. I did note a big vote for more international biotech news, which I'll be working on. Drug development is a global business, and we here at FierceBiotech understand that perfectly well. Thanks to all of you who completed the survey. Your responses were enormously positive in tone, and I find that gratifying. - John Carroll