DPP-4 inhibitors get spotlight at ADA meeting

Researchers are unveiling positive data at the American Diabetes Association's meeting for new DPP-4 inhibitors for diabetes. Takeda is the latest, demonstrating that its alogliptin can control blood sugar alone or in combination with other therapies. AstraZeneca has already presented data on saxagliptin. Taken for 26 weeks, says Takeda, alogliptin can cut hemoglobin A1C by 0.6 percent at its strongest dose. DPP-4s have a mixed record. Merck has a therapy on the market--Januvia--while Novartis' Galvus has yet to be approved.

Merck, meanwhile, revealed new data backing Januvia, saying the drug targets key cells in attacking diabetes. And researchers said the DPP-4 inhibitor reduced the risk of hypoglycaemia, a potentially fatal side effect.

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