Dominance of Patient Self-Administration in Key Disease Segments Increasing, Finds Greystone Research

Dominance of Patient Self-Administration in Key Disease Segments Increasing, Finds Greystone Research


AMHERST, N.H., Oct 26, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The global value of non-oral drug self-administration will exceed $130 billion in 2014, according to the latest estimates from Greystone Research Associates. This forecast is based on the analysis of more than two dozen therapeutic segments that also found the number of non-oral pipeline candidates increasing after a temporary decline.

According to Greystone Research Associates Managing Director George Perros, "As the dynamics of patient populations and disease prevalence evolve for a growing list of conditions, the underlying healthcare economics and the logistical realities of caregiver accessibility are expected to become highly unfavorable. In this environment the benefits of patient drug self-administration are becoming more compelling."

Growth in non-oral self-delivery is being propelled by four important factors: (1) an increase in the number of approved biological drugs that present significant challenges to oral formulations; (2) the added cost and strain on the healthcare system associated with patient visits to caregivers for drug treatments; (4) the availability of patient-friendly delivery methods; (4) the desire by patients to avoid routine caregiver visits.

"The escalating sophistication of devices and delivery methods targeting patient self-administration continues to create opportunities for an expanding supply chain infrastructure and ecosystem, particularly for CSOs specializing fill-and-finish, testing and packaging," adds Perros. As drug delivery and formulation technology advance, the trend toward self-administration will impact a wider range of drug classes and disease indications. Greystone's analysis indicates that the number of therapeutic segments dominated by self-administration will increase from eight in 2009 to eleven in 2014.

Greystone's new "Drug Self-Administration Markets to 2014" ( study analyzes technology, formulation and packaging factors driving market growth and provides forecasts for self-administered drugs in more than two dozen disease segments,

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