DNASTAR Appoints Tom Lynch Vice President Of Sales

MADISON, Wisconsin – January 20, 2015 – DNASTAR announced today that Dr. Thomas Lynch will return to the company as Vice President of Sales. Dr. Lynch was a member of DNASTAR's team of Technical Sales Scientists prior to 2011 and, in the four years since, Dr. Lynch led sales and business development at Aldevron, most recently serving as Director of Client Relations. While there, Dr. Lynch played key roles in the successful launch of Aldevron's recombinant protein business and in the growth of their plasmid and antibody businesses. Dr. Lynch rejoins DNASTAR to lead the company's global sales team.

Dr. Lynch commented, "I am very excited to be back with my colleagues at DNASTAR and to work with our customers again. Early in my career, DNASTAR provided me a great opportunity to move from the lab into a commercialization role, which was a great fit for both the company and me. After gaining additional experience outside of DNASTAR, I am delighted to be back helping the company grow while continuing to provide excellent customer service and products. DNASTAR makes great software for genomics, structural biology, and related areas, and the company is exceptionally well positioned for accelerated growth in these markets. As I've shared the news throughout my professional network, feedback has been 100% positive, which is no surprise given the strong reputation DNASTAR has."

Tom Schwei, Vice President and General Manager of DNASTAR, stated, "We are delighted to have Tom rejoining the company in this newly created role. Tom brings strength in a wide range of disciplines, including protein, structural biology, genomics and similar fields. In addition, he has the highest degree of respect from his contacts in the market due to the high quality of the work he has done throughout his career. We are excited about this next chapter for DNASTAR and we look forward to continuing to meet the needs of the molecular biology market in the best possible manner."


DNASTAR, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, (www.DNASTAR.com) is a pioneer in the development and sale of software used to increase life scientists' productivity using their desktop computer or on the Amazon Cloud. DNASTAR's comprehensive software suite, Lasergene, supports molecular biologists, geneticists, and structural biologists in meeting all of their DNA, RNA, and protein sequence needs, including Sanger and next-generation sequence assembly and analysis, protein sequence and structure analysis, and protein structure prediction with easy to use, affordable, flexible computer software.


Tom Schwei
VP & General Manager
Telephone: 608-237-3082
U.S. Toll Free: 866-511-5090
[email protected]

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