Developers blueprint 355,000-square-foot biotech R&D complex in Boston

Over the past few years, Boston and Cambridge have emerged as one of the top global epicenters of the biopharma R&D industry, attracting a slew of companies big and small. And a developer is blueprinting plans for a sprawling 355,000-square-foot complex that could appeal to some of the companies plotting an expansion or relocation.

The Kavanagh Advisory Group has spelled out plans for Innovation Square at Northern Avenue, slated for a vacant parcel of land in the new Boston Innovation District. The blueprint also reserves some of this space for pharma manufacturing.

Local industry execs say there could be a significant amount of demand for new space, especially considering the competition for any biotech space in the Kendall Square area. And Kavanagh has set up a launch its marketing efforts.

"There's a lot of demand by companies to be closer to the centers of innovation in Boston and Cambridge, but space is at a premium," Angus McQuilken, the head of communications for the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, tells the Boston Herald. "The more built-out space that's ready for life sciences companies to occupy, the more companies we will be able to attract to our region."

- here's the story from the Boston Herald