Sanofi has committed up to $805 million to license multiple sclerosis drug PRN2246 from Principia Biopharma.

Kerrisdale Capital Management, known for its activist short positions, has given Prothena the unwanted title of the “next big biotech blowup.”

We kick off a new long form series assessing the life science industry from its leaders with ex-Teva chief Jeremy Levin.

It’s a depressingly familiar story in Alzheimer’s R&D: a lot of hype, sprinkles of hope, but then dashed when data day comes around.

AstraZeneca has enlisted the aid of Incyte to try to boost its ambitions in a category of lung cancer immunotherapy where it has a lead over competitors.

Sarepta has been signing a series of new R&D pacts since its controversial DMD drug approval last fall, and today it’s penned a deal for one of the hottest…

Verastem says it is eyeing early 2018 for a new drug application to the FDA for its new but troubled oncology asset duvelisib.

Daiichi Sankyo has teamed up with Glycotope to develop an antibody-drug conjugate with potential in ovarian, lung and breast cancers.

The deal sees AstraZeneca join Novartis among Mereo’s shareholders and further its efforts to offload deprioritized drugs.