David Mittelman, Ph.D., Geneticist And Informatics Expert, Joins Tute Genomics As Chief Scientific Officer

PROVO, Utah, Jan. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Tute Genomics, a leading clinical genomics provider that offers a platform and API for interpreting genetic data, announced today that it has added David Mittelman, Ph.D. as the company's Chief Scientific Officer. He is the latest strategic hire for the company, which recently recruited Andy Olson as VP of Sales. Dr. Mittelman is tasked with scientific leadership and with helping expand Tute's business into new markets.

"Tute Genomics is extremely fortunate to have David Mittelman join as Chief Scientific officer. David is a thought leader in this this space, with extensive experience in both academic and industry settings, along with a proven track record for building best-in-class genomics software tools," said Reid Robison, MD MBA, CEO of Tute Genomics. "Additionally, David's recent experience developing bioinformatics pipelines in a clinical genetics lab, and launching next-generation sequencing assays in a CLIA setting, will certainly prove invaluable as Tute forges full speed ahead into this new era of genome-guided medicine."

Dr. Mittelman has a strong track record in genomics dating back to his participation in the Human Genome Project, while at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He later received his PhD in Molecular Biophysics from Baylor College of Medicine and completed his postdoctoral training at Baylor's Human Genome Sequencing Center, under the direction of the center's director, Richard Gibbs, PhD. Dr. Mittelman went on to start his own NIH-funded research program as an associate professor at Virginia Tech where he developed variant calling tools used by the 1000 Genomes Project and other large-scale sequencing efforts.

More recently, he was co-founder at Arpeggi, Inc. a genomics startup that built technology to manage and analyze the massive datasets produced by next-generation sequencers. Among the technologies developed at the startup was the Genomics Comparison and Analytic Testing (GCAT) platform. GCAT, built in collaboration with the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), is a free resource that allows anyone to performance test and validate genome analysis pipelines. Arpeggi was acquired in 2013 by Gene by Gene, Ltd. The Arpeggi team, including David Mittelman, joined the new company to develop clinical and direct-to-consumer genetic tests.

"The addition of David's leadership into our scientific team would tremendously improve our positioning within the genome interpretation market, and also help expand Tute's offering in variant calling and clinical reporting", said Kai Wang, PhD, President of Tute. "I am indeed a regular user of the GCAT tool and the SeqAnswers forum that David has invested time into, and I greatly appreciate these contributions. His commitment to data and knowledge sharing in the bioinformatics community impressed all of us at Tute."

Tute Genomics anticipates an exciting year as the company is poised to power the ongoing genome revolution through its unprecedented database and trusted algorithms. The company plans to unveil new features for its software platform, along with a series of strategic partnerships designed to further grow adoption of the already popular analysis platform.

About Tute Genomics

Tute Genomics is a Utah-based company that is powering the world's genomic knowledge with a cloud-based solution for precision, genome-guided medicine.  Tute provides a clinical genome interpretation platform that helps researchers identify disease genes and biomarkers, and assists clinicians/labs with genetic diagnosis and personalized therapeutics. Tute is built on the expertise that developed ANNOVAR, the most widely used genome annotation and interpretation technology with over 1000 scientific citations. The genome revolution is here, and Tute envisions a future where genome sequencing is part of routine clinical care. Tute integrates genomic data into medical records to give doctors and patients alike access to genetic information at their fingertips where it is most useful and actionable. Genomics is changing healthcare as we know it, and Tute is helping to shape the future of medicine: unlocking the genome, personalizing treatment, and powering discovery. To learn more please visit www.tutegenomics.com and follow us on twitter @TuteGenomics.

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