DAC Patient Recruitment and Remedy Health Media Partner to Ignite Clinical Trial Enrollment

DALLAS (August 5, 2014)—DAC Patient Recruitment Services, an Imperial company and global leader in clinical trial patient recruitment and retention, has partnered with Remedy Health Media (Remedy) to offer clients exclusive access to millions of potential trial participants in one of the highest-concentration environments of chronic condition patients and caregivers online. As America's fastest-growing health information and technology company, Remedy provides award-winning clinical resources and wellness tools. Since 1992, DAC has been a pacesetter in clinical site selection, country-customized patient recruitment and retention, award-winning creative services, and CEU-certified global clinical staff training. This agreement aligns DAC's vast expertise with Remedy's technical know-how and extensive reach.

"Our exclusive agreement with Remedy Health Media provides a highly valuable and unique solution that addresses the evolving needs of patient recruitment and retention," said Steve Swanson, CEO of DAC and president of Imperial. "Through a cadre of health experts, unique patient communities, and e-empowered subjects, clinical teams are able to reach target populations by going beyond the limitations of traditional database models. These programs break new ground in the key area of affordability by bringing these high-impact solutions to a broader range of clinical studies."

Under the agreement, DAC's CRO, medical device and biopharmaceutical clients receive optimal positioning of highly engaging and customized Trial Recruitment Centers within Remedy's online platform. Annually, Remedy reaches millions of patients and caregivers through various digital, mobile and point of care products. Each month, Remedy's online sites attract over 30 million unique visitors actively seeking treatment options for medical conditions matching DAC's 40+ areas of therapeutic focus. The Remedy Health Network ranks very high in patient engagement and is among the top 5 health and wellness sites. Additionally, DAC's clients will have the opportunity to leverage Remedy's point of care reach to recruit highly specific patient populations, such as marketing opportunities in digital doctor-to-patient communications and ads placed in condition-specific print publications reaching over 10 million people. Remedy's quarterly print publications, with a combined audience of over 16 million readers, are distributed at pharmacies and physicians' offices nationwide. All this adds up to significant return on investment, according to company executives.

"The strategic partnership brings a greater level of diversity to DAC's existing service platform," explained Melynda Geurts, DAC's vice president of operations. "Reaching actively engaged individuals about their disease and treatment options allows us to bring higher quality referrals to trials, thus, positively impacting ROI for our clients. The Remedy platform takes the e-engaged outreach beyond the traditional healthcare sites. We are excited that our clients will benefit through this partnership."

Dennis Upah, Remedy's executive vice president of Enterprise Markets, added, "Remedy's sites, including Healthcentral.com, consistently have the highest concentration of chronic disease patients and caregivers, who spend more time on our sites than competing health sites, according to third-party research companies. These patients are actively seeking treatments and other services within condition-specific communities. Remedy's experience in engaging patients online and at point of care will ensure motivated and highly qualified referrals for our partners at DAC."

Additional client benefits include higher patient retention rates through Remedy's HIPAA-compliant, proprietary mobile medical adherence suite. DAC also has exclusive rights to market its clinical trials within an Umbrella Center prominently positioned within Remedy's newly redesigned online flagship property, Healthcentral.com.

"Through our partnership with DAC Patient Recruitment, we are proud to provide our vast audience with additional resources and tools to help them navigate the clinical trial enrollment process," said Michael Cunnion, CEO of Remedy Health Media. "By partnering with DAC we are filling a need for patients with chronic conditions while collaborating to create value for DAC's client base."

Part of the Family
DAC Patient Recruitment Services is proud to be a part of the Imperial Family of Companies—a clinical research support organization also comprising ClinicaLingua Translation Services and Imperial Graphics. Together, these three vertically integrated brands focus on patient recruitment, translation services, and site material production, fulfillment and global distribution. Working in synergy with our sister companies, we provide start-to-finish clinical trial solutions with the power of three companies through the convenience of one contact and one contract. For more information, visit dacprs.com or call 800.451.0322.

About Remedy Health Media
Remedy Health Media (Remedy) is a leading health information and technology company that helps millions of patients and caregivers live healthier and more fulfilled lives. Remedy strives to improve consumer health engagement and outcomes through the development of authentic communities of health information seekers who can interact and learn from relatable physician, pharmacist, public health and patient experts. Remedy currently helps over 200 million health consumers annually through various digital, mobile and point of care information products and technologies. To learn more about Remedy, please visit www.RemedyHealthMedia.com.