Cypher Genomics Announces The Appointment Of Adam Simpson As President And COO To Advance Transformative Genome Interpretation Technology

Cypher Genomics Announces The Appointment Of Adam Simpson As President And COO To Advance Transformative Genome Interpretation Technology

SAN DIEGO, July 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Cypher Genomics, Inc., the genome informatics company, announced today the appointment of Adam Simpson as president and chief operating officer (COO). Cypher Genomics provides rapid and comprehensive annotation and interpretation of individual human genomes for biomarker discovery and clinical reporting.

"Cypher's technology has the potential to play a transformative role to improve healthcare by enhancing diagnostic accuracy, optimizing therapeutic approaches and reducing adverse drug reactions," said Hank Nordhoff, executive chairman of Cypher Genomics. "We welcome Adam as we advance Cypher's technology and expand our collaborations and partnerships."

"Over the last year, we worked closely with Adam to validate the accuracy of our differentiated offering and develop initial collaborations in the clinical and pharma markets," said Ashley Van Zeeland, Ph.D., co-founder and chief executive officer of Cypher Genomics. "Adam's depth of transactional and emerging company expertise makes him ideally suited to help lead the company forward."

Simpson concluded, "The life sciences industry is looking for ways to apply genomic information to improve healthcare and revolutionize the drug development process. Cypher's technology is designed to discover biomarkers in whole genome DNA sequence information from the limited sample sizes that reflect the reality of many clinical studies. We look forward to working with pharma and biotech, clinical laboratories and medical researchers to apply Cypher's technology for the development of differentiated molecular tests, efficient clinical trials and precision therapeutic decisions."

Adam Simpson brings significant operational and emerging company experience to Cypher Genomics. Prior to his appointment as Cypher's president and COO, Simpson served as an executive advisor to life science investors and companies including Cypher Genomics. Before that, Simpson was co-founder and chief business officer of Meritage Pharma from company creation through option agreement with ViroPharma for its sale, was the general counsel at Verus Pharmaceuticals where he led its sale to AstraZeneca and Shionogi, and previously was an attorney at Latham and Watkins. Simpson has been involved in more than $1 billion of San Diego life science financings across multiple therapeutics, diagnostics and tools companies and the creation of several companies that have either gone public or were acquired. He holds a B.S. in biochemistry and cell biology from the University of California, San Diego and received a J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School.

About Cypher Genomics

Cypher Genomics is a leading genome informatics company offering a highly accurate, rapid and robust interpretation software solution for users of human genome sequencing. The proprietary, automated genomic interpretation platform allows clinical laboratories to tune Cypher Genomics' market leading sensitivity and specificity profiles to develop molecular tests for diagnostic and prognostic use and pharmaceutical companies to discover biomarkers from whole genome sequence data in sample sizes typical of early stage drug development studies. Through MantisTM, the genome interpretation software as a service offering, and CoralTM, a biomarker discovery service, Cypher Genomics can improve health care and reduce costs by facilitating improved diagnostic accuracy and earlier interventions, optimizing therapeutic approaches and reducing adverse drug reactions. Cypher Genomics is located in San Diego, California.

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