CSM Announces Partnership With IMP to Deliver Clinical Trial Supply Services Globally

TEL AVIV, Israel — CSM has announced its global partnership with IMP, unifying their clinical trial supply services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. This strategic alliance will allow clinical trial sponsors to streamline the complexities of international supply chain management.

The new partnership is part of CSM's continued growth and expansion efforts, in delivering best-in-class clinical supplies globally. In addition to CSM and IMP's current solutions, (packaging and labeling, distribution, storage, sourcing, etc.) this partnership will address global challenges such as regulatory, compliance, QP release, and drug importation for studies.

The partnership was officially announced at IMP's Clinical Supply Services Launch Event on February 11, 2016 at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Representing CSM at IMP's launch event was Gerald Finken, CEO and President, and Bob Albanese, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development. Finken gave an informative presentation for the audience on the topic of Addressing Current Global Clinical Trial Supply Packaging Challenges.

About CSM

CSM provides packaging, storage, and distribution services with quality-driven processes to enhance biotechnology and pharmaceutical clinical trials worldwide. The company has continued to evolve with its blend of unique and traditional clinical trial services that improve efficiency and accuracy.

CSM is the innovator of On-Demand Packaging and Labeling services, an industry breakthrough in which clinical supplies are made specifically for, and immediately prior to, each shipment. Some of CSM's other core services include: traditional packaging and labeling, cold chain logistics, controlled drug services, returns and reconciliation, clinical label printing, and global distribution. For more information, visit www.csmondemand.com.

About IMP

IMP-Clinical Supply Services Ltd., located in Israel was established in order to address the industry's arising needs and evolving regulatory environment. The company provides controlled and monitored packaging and storage areas for reliable packaging of investigational medicinal products and clinical trial related supplies. For information, visit http://imp-services.co.il/.

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