Critical Therapeutics slashes staff in restructuring

Critical Therapeutics of Lexington, MA has announced plans to restructure, laying off more than half of its work force as it devotes itself to the commercial and clinical development of an asthma therapy. Critical Therapeutics says it will eliminate 63 jobs by the end of the year, leaving it with 59 employees. Many of those cuts are being made to a dedicated sales force for Zyflo. The company plans to concentrate on the commercialization of zileutin for asthma along with the clinical development of an IV form of zileutin.

"The feedback from physicians to date indicates that Zyflo's current four times daily dosing regimen will continue to make it difficult to gain broad penetration in the asthma market," said Critical Therapeutics President Frank Thomas. "With the twice daily, controlled-release formulation, we expect broader and deeper usage by prescribing physicians, while offering asthma patients another treatment option."

- see the release on the restructuring