Connecticut pols stunned as Pfizer brings in the wrecking ball

Now that Pfizer ($PFE) has completed its big round of layoffs at Groton, CT, the pharma giant has decided to bring in the wrecking ball for Building 118, its sprawling 750,000-square-foot research facility on the campus. And everyone from the governor to the economic development department and on through to a developer trying to bring in a new bioscience company that could add R&D jobs to the region are hopping mad. The Day carries a lengthy piece about the controversy, complete with a list of oddball reasons Pfizer gave for its decision. There was reportedly a concern that a new company's lab rats could escape and interfere with Pfizer's animal studies. And the company raised objections about parking as well. Even a call from the governor to CEO Ian Read, though, couldn't change Pfizer's mind on the subject. "Demands from Pfizer started getting so out there," said Stu Lichter, the head of the Industrial Realty Group interested in doing a makeover on Building 118. "It felt like they kept moving the finish line back as we cleared the hurdles." Story