Comprehend Systems CEO Rick Morrison Named to PharmaVOICE 100

Life Sciences Entrepreneur Honored for Driving Evolution of Clinical Trial Analytics

Comprehend Systems CEO Rick Morrison Named to PharmaVOICE 100

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In recognition of his innovation and success in transforming the clinical trial landscape by offering cutting-edge analytics, PharmaVOICE magazine has named CEO Rick Morrison to its annual list of the 100 most inspiring people in the life sciences industry. Empowered by much-needed change in clinical development, Rick is a leading member of the that created the first clinical visualization and analytics software tailored specifically for modern clinical data systems.

After 10 years writing and architecting clinical analytics software, including tools used by the FDA and top pharmaceutical companies, Rick saw that the problems facing the life sciences industry, such as patient safety issues and the rapidly rising cost of tracking increasing volumes of data, were not being solved by traditional approaches. Motivated by these challenges, he and Jud Gardner co-founded Comprehend Systems in 2010 to offer researchers the ability to access, understand and explore data in real time – with the ultimate goal of improving day-to-day life across the world by helping to bring new drugs to market quicker and more safely.

"My partnership with Rick has been successful in part because he brings both technology expertise and a passion for moving the industry forward to our company,” said Jud Gardner, co-founder and chief technology officer of Comprehend Systems. “Our leadership team at Comprehend Systems has been positively impacted by Rick’s dedication and passion for developing clinical technology that improves the speed, efficiency and safety of clinical trials. I am confident that we will continue to create and provide the tools that fill a critical industry need."

Since Rick and Jud founded the company, Comprehend Systems secured in 2011, and sponsors and CROs have quickly recognized the company’s ability to enable a new level of access to clinical data to overcome key development roadblocks. Comprehend Systems most recently drove the for its flagship product Comprehend Clinical, which empowers all of the stakeholders in a clinical trial to seamlessly answer all questions in real time, regardless of where the data resides.

Established eight years ago by PharmaVOICE magazine, the PharmaVOICE 100 is an annual list of individuals recognized for their positive contributions to the life sciences industry. Nominated by thousands of PharmaVOICE readers, the PharmaVOICE 100 are selected based on well-crafted and comprehensive essays describing how individuals inspired or motivated their colleagues or peers or affected positive changes in their organizations, as well as other factors, such as community and philanthropic activities. The PharmaVOICE 100 represent a broad cross section of industry sectors, including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, contract research, clinical trial, research and development, patient education, patient recruitment, advertising, technology and many others.

"Since founding Comprehend Systems in 2010, CEO Rick Morrison has led the company to its first round of funding — $1.2 million – and the launch of its first product, Comprehend Clinical," said Taren Grom, editor, PharmaVOICE. "Mr. Morrison, who is a strong leader, has a clear vision of the sponsors’ need for robust visual data reporting and analytics tools in support of clinical trials. For these as well as many other reasons, he is being honored as a 2012 PharmaVOICE 100."

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Comprehend Systems, Inc. () offers clinical data visualization, analytics and reporting software that improves the way clinical researchers access, understand, explore and analyze data. Designed specifically for clinical researchers, Comprehend Clinical ™ enables data managers, monitors and clinical operations executives to identify broad operational and clinical trends across trials and also easily drill down and report on a wide range of factors, including safety issues, regulatory requirements and opportunities for critical time and cost savings. Comprehend Systems was founded in 2010 in Palo Alto by a team of entrepreneurs with decades of combined experience in clinical research and software development.