Clinical trial "doctor" charged for unlicensed work

Vladimir Martin was "Doctor" Martin to the patients he treated in 17 clinical trials for a range of big pharma companies. But authorities say he never had a license to practice medicine in Florida, and now they have charged him with a felony.

Vladimir Martin was named Vladimir Kossatchev before the Ukrainian moved to Florida six years ago, reports the St. Petersburg Times, which investigated the case. The newspaper found patients recruited for clinical trials who said he referred to himself as Dr. Martin and seemed to have a great deal of difficulty in completing some elementary medical tasks. Kossatchev had apparently practiced medicine at a Ukrainian hospital before emigrating.

Martin, or Kossatchev, worked for Alliance Medical Research, which conducted clinical trials of the likes of Johnson & Johnson. But that was before charges were levelled. A spokesman for the company told the Times that J&J was no longer working with Alliance Medical. "Doctor" Martin, meanwhile, faces up to five years in prison if he's found guilty of operating without a license.

- read the report from the St. Petersburg Times

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