ChemBridge Corporation and Collaborative Drug Discovery Announce Strategic Collaboration

ChemBridge Corporation and Collaborative Drug Discovery Announce Strategic Collaboration to Provide Diverse Chemical Libraries Together With Researchers' Own Private Data

BURLINGAME, Calif., Sept. 1, /PRNewswire/ -- ChemBridge Corporation, a leading
discovery chemistry company offering an extensive portfolio of discovery
chemistry products and contract research services, has now made ten of their
most popular screening libraries available to researchers via the
Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) Public Access database.  Now for the first
time, researchers can access ChemBridge Libraries alongside a growing body of
public data from leading vendors, researchers, scientific literature, and
patent resources. CDD subscribers can access the data directly from their
private groups, mining the libraries using their own private data to more
effectively identify compounds of interest within the ChemBridge datasets,
increasing the efficiency of identifying drug candidates. "The CDD database is
an effective platform for biological and chemical data storage and mining, and
knowing that a number of our client companies and research organizations are
actively using the CDD database, we wanted to ensure that our clients could
easily integrate ChemBridge screening library data into their workflow within
the CDD database," said Duncan Beniston, Executive Director Sales & Marketing,

The libraries being offered include ChemBridge's DIVERSet(TM), a 50,000
diverse small molecule dataset covering a broad range of pharmacophore space ,
CNS-Set(TM), containing 56,000 molecules with an increased probability of
blood brain barrier penetration, as well as eight other libraries from
ChemBridge's impressive portfolio.  In total, more than 600,000 ChemBridge
molecules will be available through the CDD Database.  "The CDD community for
private access and the entire researcher community for public access both
benefit when valuable new molecules and data are added to the database, such
as the latest compounds available right off the shelf from ChemBridge," says
CDD CEO Barry Bunin, PhD, "and experimental and computational scientists with
this new technology can view whole libraries and drill down to individual
compounds from multiple data feeds.  It is a new way of simultaneously
interacting with lots of data from lots of collaborations."

With the CDD database previously consisting of well over a million compounds,
ChemBridge's libraries join an impressive list of co-contributors. With the
ongoing help of academic, non-profit, and industry contributors, CDD is
continuously expanding the public database with both chemical and biological
data.  Collectively, these data sets and the software are being accessed by
thousands of cutting edge researchers around the world.   Anyone can register
for free read-only access to these new and all public data sets on CDD's
website (, read-and-write access (including
the ability to archive, mine, and collaborate around private data and to
import and export both private and public data) can be accessed following a
free trial with full commercial access (contact: [email protected]).
The compounds are available for testing hypotheses from ChemBridge
(, additional molecules not in the public site can be
ordered and the corresponding structures can also be archived in private sites
and linked to biological activity data.

About Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.
Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD) - -
provides web-based software that organizes preclinical research data to help
scientists advance new drug candidates more effectively. The CDD database
enables scientists to "archive, mine, and collaborate"(R) around preclinical
chemical and biological drug discovery data through a web-based interface. The
software helps distributed research groups to safely store and intelligently
analyze small molecule, enzyme, cell and animal bioactivity data accumulated
from both low-throughput and high-throughput screens. Unique collaboration
features and CDD's community-oriented approach help unite globally dispersed
humanitarian efforts against neglected infectious diseases. Similar
collaborative strategies are also rapidly gaining prominence in the commercial
arena. CDD offers its industrial-strength database software at a price
affordable to academic laboratories, research foundations, and small

About ChemBridge Corporation
ChemBridge Corporation,, is a leading global discovery
chemistry company providing custom chemistry services, small molecule
screening compound libraries and specialty building blocks for organic
synthesis. ChemBridge is a San Diego based company with an impeccable 15 year
track record of quality and deliverability and operates a state-of-the-art
offshore discovery chemistry research site in Moscow, Russia. ChemBridge's CRO
business includes multi-year strategic alliances with major pharmaceutical
companies as well as mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Over 500
pharmaceutical and biotech companies and universities worldwide have also
taken advantage of ChemBridge's portfolio of products, including its library
of 10,000 specialty building blocks and 800,000 drug-like and lead-like small
molecule screening compounds.

SOURCE  Collaborative Drug Discovery