CellCyte in 'precarious' shape after shares collapse

After a brief period as a high-flying stem cell company, CellCyte Genetics' share price has fallen back to earth, wiping out much of the $440 million market valuation achieved last fall and leaving it in "precarious" financial shape. The Seattle Times is reporting that CellCyte has about five months worth of working capital on hand with shares trading at 45 cents each, down from a high of $10.01 hit last year after an intense period of stock promotion. The stem cell company now faces shareholder lawsuits and an investigation by German regulators of its stock promotion work. Documents filed with regulators on Monday say the company has raised $400,000 from investors since the end of the year. CellCyte had discussed plans of starting clinical trials of stem cell therapies this year at a cost of $7 million in 2008.

- read the report in the Seattle Times

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