Ceelox Provides Biometric Security Solution for Manufacturing Environments Using Honeywell POMS and Citrix

Ceelox Provides Biometric Security Solution for Manufacturing Environments Using Honeywell POMS and Citrix 

Ceelox, Inc. announces that its Ceelox ID Server, a network biometric security solution, streamlines the production process, reduces cycle time and improves organizational security with Honeywell POMS and Citrix in a manufacturing environment. Ceelox is a majority-owned operating subsidiary of Nicaragua Rising Inc. (OTCBB: NCRG) (the "Company" or "Nicaragua").

Pharmaceutical industries and manufacturing organizations across the globe require precise and automated processing and control systems. Process and control systems are the intelligence that manages the various stages of manufacturing. Control systems ensure regulatory compliance, safety, and efficiency. A failure or interruption in controls systems has financial impact for the manufacturing facility, employees, shareholders and customers, and can potentially become a disaster for an organization and its reputation.

Honeywell POMS is an example of a process control system identified by Ceelox as an ideal candidate for biometric integration. POMSTM improves manufacturing performance by ensuring products are manufactured the right way, at the right time, every time. Ceelox' priority was to focus on securing the passage of user credentials in a secure way across the network from thin clients to Citrix servers, a commonly used environment for POMS deployment.

A company's use of either wireless or Ethernet networks is irrelevant. Ceelox biometric software protects the fingerprint template and the credentials as they travel across the network. CeeloxID TM Server Edition reduces the losses in productivity at manufacturing sites by preventing the site from coming to a standstill while a user is locked out of critical applications. Currently, the staging and process controls are regulated through user name and password authentication. This represents a security concern because a user's password represents the weakest point in the process control. Passwords can be shared, while fingerprints cannot be borrowed by others. Removing delays or stoppages in the production line by the introduction of biometrics produces a valuable, tangible benefit as a process improvement and quality control tool.

To eliminate password and authentication concerns, Ceelox has completed additional development for CeeloxIDTM Server Edition to operate along Honeywell POMS and Citrix environments. The solution provides both Windows® and Windows® CE with a CeeloxIDTM ICA client solution by connecting a biometric device attached to a thin client or a PC, to the virtual machine running in a Citrix® server. Whether in application mode, desktop mode or both, CeeloxIDTM client functions exactly as if it was running on an actual computer and interacts with the fingerprint sensor as if it were physically present.
CeeloxTM Server Edition has the ability to store registered domain and station user credentials such as usernames and passwords, along with biometric templates for that person. Ceelox IDTM Server Edition offers that additional layer of security with its biometric capabilities. By using two forms of authentication, something you know (password), combined with something you are (biometric), an organization increases security and efficiency in its networks with minimal or no impact on deployment efforts.

The Ceelox approach eliminates account lockouts and directly reduces costs related to helpdesk support. Additionally, fingerprint-based security systems are not subjected to conventional forms of attack. They are not vulnerable to multiple try and fail attacks as the number of attempts has no relevance. If it is not a legitimate fingerprint swipe, access to the application will not be granted. From a manufacturing perspective, having this layer of security not only eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access, it reduces overall costs associated with password resets and protects critical applications or workflow processes from being impaired, thus improving cycle time.

About Nicaragua Rising, Inc.
Nicaragua Rising, Inc., through its majority-owned operating subsidiary, Ceelox, Inc., is a developer of biometric security and encryption software solutions for financial institutions, healthcare companies, utilities, government agencies and other organizations for whom information access are key concerns. Its security and encryption tools are easy to deploy, simple to use, cost-effective and affordable for organizations of all sizes.

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