CDC offers advice in combating a pandemic

With experimental vaccines in short supply, the CDC has outlined a series of public responses to a flu pandemic. Saying the U.S. needs to prepare for a "Category 5" pandemic, the agency suggests that schools should be closed and public events should be canceled to help slow the spread of a dangerous outbreak. In addition, the CDC is suggesting that business shifts should be staggered and entire families should stay home if one of them is sick. But the CDC is warning against closing state borders or disrupting transportation, noting that such a strategy would interrupt the flow of emergency supplies. The U.S. government, like many around the world, has been stockpiling Tamiflu, although resistant strains of H5N1 have already emerged.

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PLUS: HHS has triggered a provision giving vaccine makers immunity from product liability suits. The agency called it a precautionary step in light of new cases of avian flu in Asia and Nigeria. Report (WSJ sub. req.)