Cantargia Share Offering Prior to Planned Nasdaq First North Listing

STOCKHOLM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cantargia AB – developing a new type of cancer treatment Cantargia is developing an antibody-based cancer treatment, which attacks mature cancer cells as well as cancer stem cells – the root of the disease. The company has selected and submitted a patent application for a product candidate, targeting IL1RAP, which has a specific and strong binding to leukaemia stem cells and mature cancer cells. In preclinical studies the antibody has been shown to have two potential mechanisms of action which complement each other; it helps the immune system's killer cells to identify and attack the source of the disease, and it blocks the signals from the target molecule, preventing the cancer cells from spreading. Studies will be carried out to determine safe doses for future treatment of patients. In 2015 Cantargia will carry out further preclinical studies, primarily in solid tumours. The results of these studies will provide guidance for which lead indications should be the subject of future clinical studies.

Rationale for the share offering and planned listing on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm Cantargia is ready to initiate the preparations required for a clinical phase I/IIa study of safety and efficacy of the lead product candidate. The offering is aimed at raising capital for the company, initially for activities to start GMP production and toxicological studies followed by a focused clinical phase I/IIa study. Cantargia has initiated the process of preparing for a listing on Nasdaq First North. Subject to approval from Nasdaq First North, the first day of trading is planned to be 17 March 2015.

CEO Göran Forsberg comments:

"Cantargia is now entering a key phase – executing a focused work plan to document indications of clinically meaningful effects and the product candidate's mechanism of action. The intention is to establish a partnership for the project after we have obtained clinical data of interest to a major player, probably after the clinical phase I/IIa study."

The offering in brief

Subscription period:

27 January – 12 February 2015.

Subscription lot:

The minimum subscription lot is 200 units. Each unit consists of four shares, three warrants of series TO 3 and two warrants of series TO 4.

Subscription price:

SEK 30.40 per unit, which is equivalent to SEK 7.60 per share. The warrants will be issued free of charge. Commission will not be charged.

Issue volume:

The offering comprises up to 5,800,000 shares, up to 4,350,000 warrants of series TO 3 and up to 2,900,000 warrants of series TO 4. The initial proceeds from the offering are estimated at SEK 44.1 million. If all warrants are exercised the company will raise a further estimated SEK 55.1 million before issue costs.


Approx. SEK 57.7 million (pre-money valuation).

Summary of terms and conditions for warrants

One (1) warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one (1) new share. The exercise period for TO 3 is March/April 2016. The exercise period for TO 4 is September/October 2016. The exercise price for TO 3 and TO 4 is SEK 7.60 per warrant.

Subscription undertakings and underwriting commitments

Cantargia has received subscription commitments of approximately SEK 25.6 million and guaranteed subscription of approximately SEK 13.4 million, a total of approximately SEK 39 million. This corresponds to approximately 88 per cent of the initial issue. After subscription undertakings, it will be possible for the general public to subscribe up to approximately SEK 18.5 million in the issue, corresponding to approximately 42 per cent of the initial issue. In the event that the issue is not fully subscribed, the guarantors have undertaken to subscribe to the remaining units required for a fully-subscribed issue, up to a maximum number of units corresponding to the guarantee amount of approximately SEK 13.4 million.

Financial adviser and Certified Adviser

Sedermera Fondkommission is the company's financial adviser and Certified Adviser in connection with the offering and planned listing on Nasdaq First North.

Investor events

In connection with the offering, Cantargia's CEO Göran Forsberg will participate in a number of investor events. He will provide information about the operations and the company's plans for the future. The investor events are free of charge. Light refreshments will be served. To register for or to obtain further information about the investor events, please contact Sedermera Fondkommission by e-mail: [email protected] or by telephone: +46 (0)431 47 17 00.

27 Jan 2015, 14.00-14.30, Investor Meeting (Swedish Shareholders' Association), Elite Hotel Ideon, Scheelevägen 27, Lund.
28 Jan 2015, 11.30-12.30, Lunch Meeting, Vardagsrummet, Bryggaregatan 14, Piteå.
28 Jan 2015, 17.30-18.30, Investor Meeting, Scandic Hotell, Vithatten, Skellefteå.
29 Jan 2015, 18.00-20.30, Investor Meeting, Scandic Klara, Slöjdgatan 7, Stockholm.
2 Feb 2015, 18.00-20.30, Investor Meeting, Elite Park Avenue Hotel, Kungsportsavenyen 36-38, Gothenburg.
Prospectus and registration form A prospectus containing the full terms and conditions, a teaser and a registration form are available for download from the websites of Cantargia ( and Sedermera Fondkommission (

For questions concerning the share offering, please contact

Sedermera Fondkommission

Telephone: +46 (0)431 47 17 00

E-mail: [email protected]

Cantargia AB ( 556791-6019) is a biotech company developing an antibody-based cancer treatment, which attacks cancer stem cells as well as mature cancer cells. The original discovery by the research team behind Cantargia was the overexpression of a specific target molecule, IL1RAP, in cancer stem cells in patients with leukaemia that is not found in normal stem cells in the bone marrow. In preclinical studies (in vitro and in vivo) the antibody, targeted at IL1RAP, has been shown to have two potential mechanisms of action, which are complementary. The company has selected a product candidate for future studies in humans. Preclinical trials with Cantargia's antibodies have shown a potent antileukaemic effect. Parallel studies have shown an even higher expression of IL1RAP in certain solid tumours. Over the coming year Cantargia will be carrying out the studies required for authorisation of clinical trials.

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