Blockbuster Vaccines of the Future

Previously our sister publication FierceVaccines took a look at the late-stage pipeline for diseases that are already vaccine-preventable. Now, they're examining the drugs in development for diseases that are not yet available for treatment--vaccines that, if approved, could put an end to some of today's most challenging diseases and end up as blockbusters a decade from now.

The list of vaccine-preventable diseases stands at 26, representing a major advancement in the quality of human health. Diseases like smallpox, polio, diphtheria and rubella have been defeated, while other widespread diseases have been reduced to just a few cases a year. And there are many more vaccines in drugmakers' pipelines that may be on course to eradicate some of today's most difficult-to-treat illnesses. In Kalorama Information's report on the future of emerging vaccines, the group estimates that by 2020, emerging vaccines could account for $24.7 billion in new sales. Though sales of vaccines totaled less than two percent of the $800 million pharmaceutical market, the group thinks that slice of the pie will increase as technology advances bring about safer, more effective vaccines for a broader range of diseases. See the emerging vaccines pipeline