Biovail focuses on CNS drugs

As the battle for Biovail continues, current CEO William Wells emphasized the company's focus on CNS drug development at Goldman Sachs' annual healthcare conference. Biovail is investing $600 million over the next four years for work on epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's. Wells said the company will "maintain its drug delivery technology but [will seek] to license it or use it for drug development."

Biovail's development plans, however, hardly seem to be the focus these day. Found Eugene Melnyk launched a proxy battle for the company recently and is looking to sweep out its board and senior management. Melnyk has a dissident group of shareholders backing him, while the current management urges shareholders to reject Melnyk's interference. The fight will come to a head at annual shareholder meeting on June 25, when shareholders vote on the company's future management.

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