Biotech CEO mixes business with vacation-home pleasure

If you've been pondering the best way to set up your biotech company's corporate retreat, consider the case of Dr. Brian Pereira, the CEO of Amag Pharmaceuticals, which is developing an iron replacement therapy for chronic kidney disease patients. He and his wife came across a two-acre island site off the coast of Maine 10 years that featured a World War II era bunker. They subsequently built a vacation house over the bunker, where execs can do some annual strategic thinking.

Exactly what they'll do to refurbish the 12,000-square-foot bunker, though, hasn't been decided. On the list: art gallery, heating and cooling plant for the house and a kind of storage shed for island wine enthusiasts.

"We do company executive retreats there," Pereira tells the Boston Globe. "The company saves money, and the team gets a good bonding experience at my home."

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